Eye examinations

All eye examinations at iSight direct are carried out by our resident optometrist.

Our practice is fully equipped with modern testing facilities, including a Digital Retinal Camera.

This machine takes a photograph of the back of your eye, allowing us to record the results, then monitor and follow any developments on future examinations. This part of the eye test was previously carried out by the optometrist using a hand held device to assess the retina. However this new method allows us to view a much larger area in high resolution, as well as magnifying any position, to obtain a more accurate image than the human eye ever could.

Eye Exam

Any routine eye exam should always include a careful assessment of the retina to screen for abnormalities or disease.

During your eye test, the optometrist will assess both the health of your eyes and the vision. We will then advise whether you require any changes or updates to your prescription.

We offer both private and NHS eye examinations.